The new Wonder Woman film is breaking records and performing extremely well in almost every category of film metrics. People love it because it’s feminist, it’s funny, and it’s full of effects. It features an actress who is pregnant while embodying a superhero. That alone is iconic. While all those things were amazing to watch when I visited the theatre, none of those things are what truly resonated with me. What touched me was how much the moral of the film reminded me of Christ’s story of humanity.

This might surprise you as the Wonder Woman story is laced with Greek gods and doesn’t have mentions of God himself. And yet, I was brought to tears at the climax of the film out of pure thankfulness for the Author.

God, although all-knowing and not limited in the ways Diana is, thinks about us in a similar way.

He knows we do wrong. We enter war, kill each other, lie, deceive, and lust—just to name a few alluded to in the film. Ares, the “bad guy” of the film, resembled the character of the Enemy of God. He tries to persuade Diana with evidence that man is so bad that it’s not worth her time or power to protect them. He argues that they are so easily manipulated into evil by his whispers that he hardly need do anything to win them over to doing dark deeds. He gives the evil German doctor for example. While he whispered ideas into her mind of how to make terrible chemicals and contraptions, he didn’t compel her to act. She did it herself. Just as humans do. He takes this to our hero to convince her to abandon humanity. They don’t deserve her.

She has been heartbroken by what she’s witnessed in humanity. Her mother’s warnings proved to be true. Man does some awful stuff. But then she remembers all the good she’s experienced in her time with people. Laughter, love, giving, protecting, encouraging, and befriending people. They have all messed up in varying ways and are flawed where she is not, and she’s confused by this (God isn’t). At the same time, each person she’s become friends with has sacrificed for her and loved her. Just as she is confronted with the choice to join forces with Ares and abandon humanity, she remembers them. She agrees with him—they don’t deserve it. She loves them anyways. Then she defeats Ares.

Reminds me of Someone.

Thank God (literally) that he defeated the enemy, defends us, loves us when He knows we don’t deserve it, and believes in our Free Will to love him back. That small display in Wonder Woman brought tears to my eyes because I forget that every day. I know I forget it because I consistently worry, deny my lovability, and sin. Grace covers it all anyways. And how much greater is it than this fictional story!

I’m thankful for that reminder in a fantastic superhero film. Most of the times, these reminders don’t come from Christian movies, do they? That’s another post for another day…



Photo cred to Wonder Woman Facebook page